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We have provided an insight on to comparing each of our NoblePro treadmills using some of the most commonly customer asked questions. We hope this helps you decide which treadmill is best for you.


How much space do you have?

We recommend at least 8 ft. (2.4 m) clearance behind the running board and 2 ft. (0.6 m) on either side (and make sure you aren’t blocking any air openings). This might seem excessive, but we assure you it is for your safety if you accidentally set the speed a bit too high or have a big foot placement error! 

E8 series:

Footprint measurements are 1880mm (L) x 860mm (W). 

If you are limited by space, a foldable treadmill is always advisable so you can tidy up when it is not in use.

E10 series:

Footprint measurements are 1972mm (L) x 958mm (W).

If you have a home gym set up with plenty of space, the E10 series is the model for you. With a commercial treadmill feel, it will transform your room. However, the E10 series is non-foldable. 

NoblePro - Zwift - Lifestyle -2

Do you use structured Workouts?

This screen is best used with customisable Workout apps such as, Kinni, as the E8.0 screen is a simple, touch-and-go screen without on-screen Workout options.
With Sidekick/Sidekick Lite you can view plentiful stats on the screen if you are running a Workout, but we also recommend using Kinni if you want to complete a hands-free Workout. 

With the E10i, you can download any workout app you desire onto the treadmill screen to run your Workout hands-free. For example, Kinni is already loaded directly on there for you. You can customise, create and run any Workout of your choice directly from the screen.

The E10i also has more basic options such as, Target Programs, that you can use if your Target is simply to complete a set distance, time or calorie burn. 

What is your running style like?

It is very important to consider treadmill dimensions when choosing a treadmill for your running style as it can directly impact the comfort of your workout.

A longer running surface would be beneficial when running faster or individuals with longer strides. 

Additionally, if you are quite tall or a very bouncy runner, the best advice we can give is the following: 

  • Check your ceiling height
  • Add your height to the running belt-to-floor measurement 
  • Add 200 mm “bounce factor”. This is the best guess for most. 
Belt to floor

E8 series: 190 mm @ min incline and 310 mm @ max incline (measured at the start of the motor cover)

E10 series: 245mm @ min incline (measured at the start of the motor cover)

Running board length

E8 series: 150 cm (L) x 52 cm (W)

E10 series: 155 cm (L) x 58 cm (W)

NoblePro lifestyle HI treadmill image 16by9

Do you like fast speeds and steep inclines?

E8 series

Both the E8.0 and the E8i have the same size motor but the E8i can go slightly faster (22kph) compared to the E8.0 (22kph). This is due to the updatable software insight the E8i, rather than a more powerful motor.

Both the E8 series also have an incline of 12%.

E10 series

The E10 series can also reach speeds of 22kph but it can reach new heights of 16% incline compared to 12% with the E8 series.

Big fan of third-party apps like Zwift?

E8 series:

Both the E8.0 and the E8i can connect to third-party apps such as, Zwift, Kinomap etc in the same way with the same capabilities. 

However, you do need to use a separate device such as, tablet/phone/TV to view your virtual reality experience. 

E10 series:

The E10 series can run the third-party apps on the screen directly eliminating the need for any other devices. Just find your chosen app on the home screen or download the app you require from the Aurora Store, and off you go!

E10i | On screen video | Thumbnail | 1by1 V2

What is your at-home set up like?

Many people now have very fancy converted garages or home offices with plenty of space for a treadmill but it depends what other add-ons you might want or have in your new space.

E8 series

We would recommend having a TV/tablet close by if you want to use third-party apps, like Kinni or Zwift when running at home. Or even if you just want to watch Netflix, YouTube and more, on a larger screen (the E8i screen measures 10.1″).

E10 series

The E10 series comes with a 15.6″ screen making the comforts of watching any program or virtual world, much more appealing. The E10 series offers the option of screen-casting so, if you have a larger TV you can watch it all on the big screen too very easily.

Need some inspiration for your new set up? Have a look at some of the at-home set-ups from our ambassadors here.

E10i Screen cast Draft

Full specifications

Full specifications of all treadmills can be found here or in the user manuals.

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