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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set the speed in which the belt accelerates between different paces.

What does belt acceleration mean?

The amount of seconds the treadmill belt takes to reach the chosen speed within a Workout Split or selected manually from the treadmill buttons.

A faster belt acceleration would be particular useful for Workouts with shorter intervals e.g. 30 seconds, because it can alternate between speeds faster.

A slower belt acceleration is recommended if you are building confidence in pace changes within Workouts. 

How to set your belt acceleration 

1. Go into Settings and Select Advanced settings

2. Choose the Acceleration tab

3. Manually type in your preferred speed in seconds (between 0.5-10 seconds)

4. The lower the number, the quicker the belt will accelerate between speeds

5. Trial different acceleration speeds during your Workouts to see what works for you.

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