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[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | Front view
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | back
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | home screen
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | Netflix
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | deck angle
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | deck
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | suspension
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | Front view
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | back
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | home screen
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | Netflix
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | deck angle
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | deck
[Placeholder] NoblePro E10i | suspension


  • Popular Aurora App Store apps
    incl Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube
  • On-screen directly on the touchscreen
  • Lifetime FREE Kinni Membership
  • Fixed running deck
  • Connect to the latest treadmill apps
    incl Zwift, Rouvy, Peloton, BitGym and Kinomap
  • Athletics track running feel designed for runners
  • Installed apps include Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Chrome Browser and Facebook
  • Pairs with BLE heart rate monitors
  • Training focused Kinni interface
  • Next generation FTMS Bluetooth for both control and data reading
  • Virtual foot pod for device free Zwift races
  • Connects directly for Zwift, Kinomap, BitGym, Peloton and Kinni
  • Lifetime FREE software upgrade
  • 22 km/hr top speed
  • 4.2 HP DC motor
  • 0-16% incline
  • 155 x 58 cm run area
  • 15.6″ HD touchscreen
  • Dual speakers
  • WiFi connectivity (2.4/5 GHz)
  • Bluetooth headset compatible
  • 205 cm x 96 cm footprint

You Choice

Freedom. Install. Manage. Yours.

Access to +2.2 million apps using the Aurora Store

Your Choice

Freedom. Install. Manage. Yours.

Access to +2.2 million apps using the Aurora Store

Kinni Built-in

Ultimate Treadmill Companion

On-screen Kinni experience with all the benefits.

Custom Workout Builder
Hands free Workouts
Multi device
/ year
Custom Workout Builder
Hands free Workouts
Multi device
/ year


Treadmill first


Your favourites in 1080p HDR
Google Home integration
Stream it all, tune in live, or Zwift
Browse in one place

#1 Bluetooth Treadmill

World #1 Bluetooth Treadmill

No need for a foot pod when racing on Zwift and the likes

Display your heart rate reading directly on the treadmill screen

Control your treadmill using the full capabilities of FTMS

Why pay for Bluetooth upgrades if you can update future proof hardware

Built in Tools

Perfect for HIIT session

The acceleration feature enables you to set how fast you want the running belt to speed up and slow down, ideal for those HIIT sessions.

Set the belt acceleration just how you like it.

1 km/h
1 km/h

Never be out of tune

We understand the importance of keeping your speed readings accurate. The treadmill ships true speed readings within 1%.

The calibration feature gives you the flexibility to adjust the belt speed, keeping you accurate, always.

What is your preference?

We have you covered.

The ability to switch between metric and imperial units is key to using familiar numbers.

Don't miss a beat

Maintenance can be a hassle. The maintenance manager helps keep you on track with reminders and maintenance tracking.

A maintained treadmill is a happy treadmill.

Need more details?

This was the best purchase I’ve ever done regarding my triathlon journey.
I’m not very good with cold or wet weather so this has levelled up my training big time.
Get all my session from my coach downloaded to the software I use and then I just follow.
It’s super comfortable to run, feels safe and strong.
My running has improved drastically as I don’t miss a single session with weather excuse.
If you like to watch a good Netflix during your long runs, also works amazingly.
I love this machine and I’m forever grateful for finding this brand and the top quality of its equipment
I've had a NoblePro Elite E8i for around a month now and I'm delighted with it. I'm an advanced club runner doing upto 150 km per week and it has really helped me fit my training in around family life. They helped with the set up and support has been brilliant. The motor is really strong which has allowed me to keep intensity high when I've wanted to (speeds upto 20kph). Generally I run at around 15kph and the NoblePro Elite runs just as well as the one that I used to use at the gym.Although it is heavy, it is very easy to move as there are wheels underneath and you can just fold it up so the treadmill actually doesn't take up much space. Highly recommended to runners of all abilities!
The quality of these treadmills is fantastic very little flex in the chassis and the action is smooooooth. Easy to fold and move around if necessary. I think they are great value if you are serious about your home gym set up.
Very impressed with my Elite 8.0. Great service from NoblePro from initial purchase through to helping me with Bluetooth connection problems and Kinni membership.
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100% the best treadmill out there! Before NoblePro I was never a treadmill fan, but they have completely converted me. I love the different settings available and also how easy it is to manoeuvre the machine, so I can move it when I need to. It is strong and sturdy, and has plenty of power to get to a decent speed when I wasn’t to pick the pace up. I would recommend it to anyone without a treadmill in their lives… you’ll definitely thank me over the winter! (And at other times of the year)
Had a faulty Bluetooth connection the other week but the support team at noble pro sent me out a replacement which was delivered within a couple of days. Other than this the treadmill has been top quality! I wasn’t keen on treadmill running but since having the noble pro elite8.0i I’ve changed my mind. I tend to mix my running up with outside and inside now and this has definitely improved my speed, with multiple PBs broken this year. I love the simple connection to zwift, which allows me to move from turbo trainer to treadmill in a matter of minutes. Overall extreme satisfied with the treadmill - top job Noble Pro 👍🏽
Having the Noble Pro treadmill gives me variety and flexibility to my training. I can go for a run but still be at home. I can test myself over set distances and speeds in a controlled efforts session or I can run in some virtual locations on Zwift. I love to run outdoors but sometimes when the weather is bad, I can plug the laptop in and catch up on a box set or film!
Great Treadmills, great features with pleny of different training options. Higjly recommed.
Who says the perfect Zwift setup doesn’t exist!?! Over the moon with the Elite 8i. Such a substantial and solid bit of kit and a huge upgrade on my Reebok iRun 1 (which did make it to 12 years old!). The connection to Zwift is seamless, same with Kinomap.. looking forward to seeing the ROUVY integration too. This is only a recent purchase but so far so good, and the best thing for me (same reason I got a Wattbike) is you are not ‘locked in’ to a company and their apps (Peleton, Nordic track/Pro form and iFit, etc).
I may not use the treadmill everyday but when I do use it I LOVE IT; it feels robust and well built. I have the elite 8. I can run the session I want; I live in a hilly area with no street lights or pavements so I don't have to compromise on it or get in the car to travel to a better location. I can avoid icy and freezing conditions by training indoors and since falling in the ice this has been invaluable. I set up my music, build my session on the app and away I go! Thanks NoblePro!
We ordered a E8.0 which was delivered and installed within days. The guys have been veey helpful and the treadmill I just great.
Such a useful weapon in a runners armoury. The Noble Pro is sturdy enough for my 110kg frame.
Couldn't be without mine now 🙂
I've been using the 8.0 for just over a month now in order to help me increase my speed.I usually run between 15k -18k an hour for 5k, but have ran some interval sessions taking it to its max at 20kph. when running at its top speed it still runs smoothly and feels as good as a treadmill you would use in a gym.The only thing i would want to improve is the screen, but I understand the next model up 8.1 has a led smart screen.impressed so far with this treadmill. I had to align the belt once but this was easy to do having followed the instructions provided 💪💪💪
Treadmill has been nothing but great
Big 👍 to NoblePro customer service. My treadmill failed to be recognised by any Bluetooth device. After opening a ticket and a few correspondence we spoke via phone and sorted it. Failed chip and a new one being sent out.
Maybe big companies should take note. Excellent service 👏👏👏
From initial order to delivery and now a months worth of use I really can’t pick fault. The big win for me is the comfortable ride of the treadmill. I use it with Strava on an iPad which really helps the miles tick by. I’m due to start using the Kinni app where the various training plans look very comprehensive. All in all a very positive experience of a premium product.
Decent treadmill to use that you could set up in your own home. Use it for when there are those rainy days.
Financial Analyst-Benjah Raphael is one of my all-time favorites. He replies promptly and most importantly in the right manner. I feel confident trading with his platform and I can rely on this company to succeed in my trades. He has given me great opportunities to earn money. I find them reliable and professional.
EMAIL ADDRESS : [email protected]
i have no sight and i love my noblepro treadmill as it is completely controlable with buttons. in addition, it feels natural to walk and run on, and the design of its front grip and side bars make me feel safe. until the update of the kinni ap last week, i have used the ap happily with voice over technology to control my treadmill. following the update the "go button," which is now needed to activate a chosen work out, was not visible too and consequently not read by the voice over technology, preventing me from using the ap indipendently. my husband contacted noblepro on my behalf,about this and, i was very impressed with their response. a change was made imediately to the ap to make the "go" button accessable through the voice over technology and as a result i am now able to use the ap indipendently again. thank you for such a quick and helpful response its very much apreciated. of course it means that i have no excuse for skiving now😀
Fantastic experience from top to bottom, and unlike some other exercise equipment we have the connection to zwift has been flawless, ability to upgrade the screen to E8i is fantastic also. In many ways, they run this like an open-source project, incredibly supportive, which just amazes me. For example, I can control the treadmill speed and incline with an app which means when we do the Vo2Max test we don't have to lean over athletes, etc.

Not many if any treadmill companies will let you upgrade components such as the FTMS board, Bluetooth, etc. The price point is fantastic and the discord community is great.
There's not a lot of nice news in the media at the moment but just wanted to share a good news story.Mark and Netty are keen runners but are both blind. This obviously limits their opportunity of running outdoors. NoblePro heard about their plight and have been supporting these guys for over 5 years now. Recently Mark's machine broke down and things were't looking good for him. However, once the guys at NoblePro heard about Mark's broken machine they soon had a replacement sent out to him.Excellent service from a caring and compassionate company.Well done NoblePro - you've made Mark's Christmas wishes come true.
Tried one of these treadmills and they feel great, brilliant suspension and the smart features are great too. Auto upload to strava after runs is very useful.
Couldn't ask for better service- the customer service from ordering to delivery was straightforward no hiccups! The tredmil is brilliant for me as a beginner with walking right upto training for runners, my main reason for buying it is to improve my circulation & general fitness, it's perfect im so happy. I did lots of searching for the right one with the service of installation & demo which the delivery technicians. The guys were polite and most respectfull in my home!
Sturdy and reliable treadmill with plenty of power for any workout. Even better, you can build your own workouts in the NoblePro app that will auto change the speed and incline for you. Certainly should be the top of any list if you are looking to buy a treadmill that is also future proof.
Loving my treadmill, it’s well built, does everything I require to keep me fit and entertained with the built in apps like Netflix and Spotify, Great customer service, can’t recommend them highly enough.
Had the Noble Elite E8.0 machine for around a month now and have been very impressed. The large running deck means you can confidently stride out at full speed and the smooth operation makes for an great run.I've used it for loads of sessions so far including a 10mile steady run as well as interval sessions. The speed pickup is quick and very smooth, making changes of pace really easy. Operation is also really quiet. Even at high speeds I can still hear the TV, which makes those long runs more bearable.I'd done lots of research on various machines before deciding on this model and I'm glad I went for this. Based on the quality and price it's excellent value for money and I'm looking forward to logging lots of miles on it in my build up for this years London Marathon.
Have been using our treadmill consistently since early November and have to say it has been a game changer for my training. The interface is so simple to use, I use the app to sync all my workouts with Strava and create custom workouts too.
Love my NoblePro treadmill!! I have the E8i with it's fab screen and array of apps. Watching Netflix. Listening to Spotify. All at the touch of the screen. Never underestimate the power of entertainment when you're clocking up the miles. Being able to incline allows so much depth to training and the core functionality of the treadmill itself is second to none. Stable. Solid. Reliable. On top of all that fantastic customer support. Well done NoblePro.
Brilliant test on the treadmill! Great staff, really helpful!😊
Definitely start off with fantastic customer service! I’ve had my treadmill over two years (over 3000miles) still working fantastic! I’ve used Netflix and Spotify on it and my 8 and 3 year old watch YouTube when they are walking/running on it. I love that it connect straight to Zwift.
I’ve got the E8i which is still capable of evolving and having more on it as it has Wi-Fi capability.
I’m grateful to have been selected to test the treadmill speed at 23khp and think this will be a great addition to all seeking fast pace for their training. (no date to when this will be released to other treadmills yet)

Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to seeing what’s next!!
I've been super impressed with the NoblePro Elite treadmill. Whether it's short, medium or long runs at paces from slow to fast it always copes superbly. Also the incline function is very effective when doing hill reps- something that not all treadmills can do. I've signposted many other runners to similar modules of NoblePro's and the feedback has always been very positive. James @TeamThie
Noble Pro has provided such a fine machine and service to back it up - I definitely recommend. I used the Elite E8.0 for my extreme indoor adventure - 1,040 treadmill miles in 42 days - and it absolutely rocked the job!

The service and advice from Noble Pro has been outstanding and my trusty tready has been a big part of my training for my next adventure 100 marathons in 100 days.
This was the best purchase I’ve ever done regarding my triathlon journey.I’m not very good with cold or wet weather so this has levelled up my training big time.Get all my session from my coach downloaded to the software I use and then I just follow.It’s super comfortable to run, feels safe and strong.My running has improved drastically as I don’t miss a single session with weather excuse.If you like to watch a good Netflix during your long runs, also works amazingly.I love this machine and I’m forever grateful for finding this brand and the top quality of its equipment
Amazing customer service- fixed my problem as soon as I opened a dialogue!
Much better than other companies I have dealt with
Quality, awesome service... Where do I start !?!

I have the Elite E8.0 and it’s a fantastic tool to support and help me develop my running journey.

The ability to train flexibly at home isn’t new, but quality training (particularly from a treadmill perspective) means a need for a quality treadmill and the Noble Pro absolutely delivers ! Fantastic build quality, great size running bed, a very good screen interface and also iOS and Android apps all make for a great experience. I love the direct ability to pair with Zwift which then opens up all new experiences and social aspects for treadmill running.

Well done Noble Pro, keep delivering on great products and over the air software updates !
I'm a big believer in treadmill training and it's essential for where I live, especially in the winter. There are no pavements or street lights in the area, which can make it very treacherous going out for a run in the dark. With Noblepro I can stay in the comfort of my own home, plug the numbers in, put Netflix on, and get to work. Your heart and lungs don't know the difference!

Fast enough to do sessions and tempo runs, strong enough to cope with 100 mile weeks. Quiet and powerful, highly recommend.
I've been searching for a treadmill for over a year, and I've been using the NoblePro Elite 8i for 3 weeks now and it has not disappointed. Everything from placing the order, to delivery and set up, as well as the online community of NoblePro treadmill runners has been very positive. I now have a safe, consistent and reliable place to train on a daily basis, which over the winter months will be highly valuable. The treadmill is easy to use, connects simply to WiFi, and can fold up to make space if needed. I highly recommend NoblePro treadmills.

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5 years of coverage on the motor and 2 years of coverage on the belt.

12 months of coverage on part and labour, touchscreen and components.

Excellent services from our expert support team.