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Aurora App Store

What is Aurora Store?

Aurora Store is a third-party app store for Android devices with similar features and design to Google Play Store. You can find it on the home screen of your NoblePro E10i. It offers various unofficial/official apps that are not listed on the Play Store to allow you more freedom with the apps you can download onto your device.

Why use Aurora Store?

Aurora Store allows more flexibility in email accounts and downloadable app options, for use on your device compared to Play Store/Amazon App store for Android Devices. 

Aurora Store vs. Play Store

Privacy – Aurora Store doesn’t track your downloads or the apps you use unlike the Play Store. 

Safety – Aurora Store is fully open-source and verified by F-Droid.  However, Play Store has Google Play Protect installed as extra safety measures, but this can be disabled. Aurora Store is deemed safe but we always recommend that you don’t download anything you are unsure about.

Logging in – You don’t need a Google account to download apps from the Aurora Store, unlike the Play Store. But if you have a Google account, you can use this.

Apps available –  Aurora Store has access to apps that the Play Store has not yet made available. 

Official Aurora support

Please head to the Aurora store web page for contact details and more information. 

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