The NoblePro product range comes with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers the frame of the equipment, motor, parts and labour.

To ensure the best for you, our customer, we provide an extended warranty if you register within 30 days of the purchase date.


Free extended warranty includes:Fully welded frame • LifetimeMotor • 5 years Part and labour • 2 years

The registration process is quick and easy by registering online. Alternatively, the registration form can be downloaded, completed and posted to our contact address.

All NoblePro products are warrantied for use within a private, domestic, non-fee-paying environment. The warranties are non-transferable as they are only valid for the original owner (purchaser) of the equipment.

Warranty Claiming

If you do have any issues with the equipment first have a look at the Technical Support page and Frequently Asked Questions page.

If the issues persists or you need further assistance, register a claim using the claim form below. Alternatively contact our support team (details below).

Technical Support Request

Contact the support team

Contact us on 0203 411 5930 or at [email protected] Before contacting our team please ensure you have the following in hand:

  • Full model number
  • Serial number
  • User's manual

This information enables us to assist you effectively and efficiently identify the issues. We will then best advise you on the next step/s to take so that the issue is resolved.