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NoblePro Limited Warranty+

We want to make sure that you are happy with your product to enable us to go above and beyond, making sure the product and service exceed your expectations. We have an online ticket system where you can speak directly to the technical team and keep a record of your treadmills history and support received.

NoblePro Ltd offers an extended Limited Warranty for use within a private, domestic or light commercial, non-fee-paying environment as per product specification. Additionally, warranties are non-transferable as they are only valid for the original owner (purchaser) of the equipment. The warranty will not apply if the product is not operated according to the user manual, product specification or the product leaves the country of purchase.

The warranties are subject to the product being used as intended and maintained and serviced as prescribed. Any abuse or inappropriate use will be excluded. NoblePro warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and material.

Residential Warranty

Residential, home-use. NoblePro Ltd offers an extended Limited Warranty for use within a private, domestic, non-fee-paying environment. The warranty will not apply if the product is used for other than domestic use, is not operated according to the operating manual supplied, or the product leaves the country of purchase. A residential treadmill is designed for 3 or fewer hours of use a day.

Residential Warranty
FrameMotorTreadmill beltPartsLabour
LifetimeLifetime2 years2 years1 year

Light Commercial Warranty

Commercial use. NoblePro Ltd offers an extended Limited Warranty for use within a commercial environment. The warranty will not apply if the product is not operated according to the operating manual supplied or the product leaves the country of purchase. A commercial treadmill is rated for 5 hours or less of use in a non-dues paying facility.

Light Commercial Warranty
FrameMotorTreadmill beltPartsLabour
Lifetime5 years2 years1 year1 year

Registering your Warranty

To qualify for the extended warranty the new product needs to be registered by completing the warranty registration form including online registration within 30 days after purchase.

Repairs and spares

All repairs or replacement needs to be authorised by NoblePro. We will initially try to diagnose and fix faults via our Technical Support system and send you any needed replacement parts through the post. If this is unsuccessful or not possible we will work with you to find a mutually acceptable resolution.

NoblePro will not reimburse for any unauthorised transport or courier service and will arrange for the product to be collected either by NoblePro or a third party. The warranty is related to the original delivery address of the client and additional collection and delivery fees may be applicable due to the extended distance.

The client consents to NoblePro doing an assessment and repair if required on the premises where the product is located. The client or any other party may not conduct any repair work on the machine other than the normal service and maintenance as per the operating manual supplied.


If you need any major fixes then we will send a friendly engineer out to your home to install or fix your treadmill. NoblePro will cover the labour cost for the repair or replacement made under this Limited Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery. Repair labour is not fully covered for locations outside of NoblePro’s service area. NoblePro will contribute a standard service charge rate under the warranty terms and conditions. Please contact us for your specific location coverage prior to purchase.

What is not covered

The warranty specifically excludes cases where the product was altered, modified, damaged, repaired by any party other than NoblePro. The warranty does not cover damage caused by fire, terrorist activities, lightning, accidents, water damage (including humidity), pollution (such as fumes, dust and chemicals) or earthquakes.

The process to act on the warranty includes the notification to NoblePro of the nature of the problem encountered and the serial number of the equipment. If it is a minor repair NoblePro may guide the client to rectify the matter. A call charge will be levied to collect and deliver the product but should the product prove to be defective, this charge will be reimbursed when the product is fixed and delivered back to the customer.

NoblePro has the right to replace the product with a similar product in terms of condition and specifications.

NoblePro is not responsible or liable for any expense, loss, or proceeding whatsoever in respect of any personal injury related to the equipment or any damages, economic loss, including loss of revenue, loss of enjoyment, training or any other consequential damages that are permitted by law.


We understand that sometimes things do not work out and you might want to return a product. If you are looking to return a product, we will collect it and offer a refund after deducting any collection and treadmill condition costs.

To qualify for a full refund, the product needs to be returned within 28 days, unassembled in the original packaging (new condition). Collection costs are deducted and calculated based on your location and the weight of the product.


All pre-loved products are covered under a 3-month parts only warranty for manufacturing defects. 

How to get Technical Support

Contact a member of our support team:

Claims must be made within the specified warranty period.