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The lubrication of one’s treadmill belt is critical to ensure longevity of the treadmill as a whole. Think of the lubrication as the blood running through your treadmills vanes. This article will help you to identify if and when your treadmill needs lubrication as well as what lubrication to use. 

When do I need to lubricate?

We recommend inspecting your treadmill running belt lubrication every 300 km / 6 months. Think of this as an oil check-up for our car. 

How do I check if lubrication is needed?

First the need to gain access to the underside of the running belt. To do this place the treadmill in the storage position. This will give you access to the space between the running board and the running belt.

Now to check the lubrication levels. Wipe the underside of the running belt with your finger. If your finger has no sign of lubrication (dry) the belt needs lubrication. If however there is lubrication on your finger you are good to go.

Another way to check the lubrication, is the kneeling test. Ensure the treadmill is switched off and the running platform is folded flat. 

Kneel on the treadmill running area and push the belt over the rear roller, very slowly. If you can feel/hear a creaking sound, the belt needs to be lubricated.

What lubrication do I use?

Only 100% silicon lubrication is to be used. There are a number of retailers that supply these and as long it contains only 100% silicon you are good to go. An example would be, WD40 Specialist Silicone Lubricant with Smart Straw.

Warning: Do not use ordinary household oil-based lubricants.

How do I apply the lubrication?

Warning: Do not over lubricate as this will cause more issues than it will solve.

Step 1: Loosen the running belt

Step 2: Lift the running belt in the middle of the running board.

Step 3: Apply 15 ml of 100% silicon lubricant on each side of the running belt.

Step 4: Tighten and align the belt (guide here).

Step 5: Run the treadmill at 10 km/hr for 10 mins.


Running belt slipping 
1. Check the belt tension (guide here)
2. Over lubrication

Motor belt slipping (transmission belt)
1. Lubrication on the motor belt
2. Motor belt needs adjusting

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