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Gait Analysis: What and Why?

Running is a dynamic and complex activity that engages the entire body, making it crucial to understand the mechanics of your running style for optimal performance and injury prevention. This is why gait analysis, a service provided by Running Bear for runners of all abilities, provides invaluable insights into your running style and how understanding it can revolutionise your running experience.

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis includes a taped examination of your running style, helping identify inefficiencies that may hinder performance such as glute imbalances, over striding and pronation. By addressing these issues, runners can enhance their efficiency and speed, ultimately improving race times and overall athletic performance.

What is Gait Analysis used for?

Understanding your running gait is crucial for preventing injuries. Gait analysis can pinpoint bio-mechanical irregularities or imbalances that contribute to overuse injuries. If you suffer from sore knees whilst running, dependant on where the knee hurts, this may be a result of over-pronating to the point where it’s injuring you. By addressing these issues through helping you to choose the correct footwear and recommending particular strengthening exercise, runners can reduce the risk of injuries and ensure longevity in their sport.
Likewise, many people ‘self-diagnose’ and choose stability trainers when they actually don’t need them, this can in turn throw you out and cause more issues/risk of injury.

Gait Analysis in the Running Bear store

Gait analysis & footwear

We believe Gait analysis is instrumental in determining the most suitable footwear for individual runners. By understanding factors like pronation and foot problems such as bunions, Morton’s neuroma etc., we can recommend shoes that provide the necessary support and alignment for optimal performance.

In conclusion

In the realm of running, knowledge is power, and gait analysis serves as a powerful tool for unlocking the secrets of efficient and injury-free running. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a novice lace-up enthusiast, investing in understanding your unique running style through gait analysis can elevate your performance, enhance your comfort, and ensure a lifelong love for the sport.


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