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Believing in yourself, and your training!

Believing in yourself is very powerful and if you believe in yourself no matter how small or big your goal is, then you are already half way to achieving it.

As a coach, I have had many conversations with athletes where they say “I am doing this race because I know I will struggle” or “my goal is too big” and so on. That is already setting yourself up for a negative mind-set and for failure.

Achieving great things does not come over night. It comes from over a long period of time where you have to be dedicated, committed, keep working when it gets hard and overcome challenges. If you say you can’t do it, I am a great believer that there is no such this as “I can’t”.

If you stay negative then you have set up yourself for failure. If I said to myself when I couldn’t swim I can’t do this, I would have never embarked on my journey and the success it has had for me. It’s easy to quit but I believed I could crack swimming and get better and this motivated me to keep going even when at times I felt like I went backwards, but now when I look back to 2012 I see what I have achieved and how far I have come.

So believing you can do it, is the first step to your success but a huge leap forward to achieving goals. Sometimes things take years but if you keep at it and don’t give up then I believe you can do it. Like with anything in life, hard work pays off.

So use this as a drive and a tool to push you towards your goal and dreams. It’s ok to have a bad day, everyone has a bad day now and again. Instead of thinking it’s an awful session, look back and say I was better than yesterday and I am on track to get to my goal.

Goals are there to chase and achieve, so if you believe in yourself then go grab your goal and believe me if you believe in yourself, you will get there.

This blog is to show that believing in yourself that you can achieve great things is a big step towards your goals. You just have to believe yourself and the enjoyment will come from seeing yourself moving forward.


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