Replacing Screen to Console Cable

This guide will walk you through how to fit the console cables between the NoblePro Elite E8i series treadmill screen and the console buttons. What will I need: Replacement cable Screwdriver Replacing the cable Step 1: Unscrew the 7 screws from the back of the screen. Step 2: The back of the screen will also […]

WiFi Authentication Issues

This article will help you troubleshoot issues with connecting your NoblePro E8i to the WiFi. What are the possible causes? If you are getting the following errors after entering your password, the system cannot get an IP address from the access point to which you are trying to connect. Notification under the network name Authenticating… […]

How to replace a kicker or gas strut

This is a step by step guide how to replace the kicker or entire gas strut assembly. The kicker is the plastic component on the gas struct what you push when you want the treadmill to go down. The gas struct enables the treadmill to slowly lower from the storage to running position. Important This […]

How to update your HR module firmware

We know how difficult it can be to keep up with the latest software and hardware developments, which is why we created the NoblePro HR Bluetooth Modules. This module connect your heart rate chest strap directly to your treadmill. This means any firmware updates, and new Bluetooth features we publish do not require any new […]

Replacing a incline motor

This page contains the instructions to replace the incline motor [56] for the NoblePro Elite Series (NPE78848E8is, NPE78844E8i, NPE78847E8s, NPE78843E8.0). WARNING: Mains voltage can be dangerous. Ensure the needed safety precautions are taken before undertaking these instructions. What will I need? To undertake the replacement you will need: 1. Replacement incline motor. 2. 2 x […]

Rear Roller Replacement

This page contains the instructions to replace the rear roller [81] for the NoblePro Elite Series treadmills (NPE78848E8is, NPE78844E8i, NPE78847E8s, NPE78843E8.0). What will I need? To undertake the replacement you will need: Replacement rear roller. 6mm allen key Remember: Part will be reused. Keep all the parts removed, besides the rear roller being replaced. !Safety […]

Bluetooth vs Ant+

There tends to be a lot of confusion between BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and ANT+. We aim to provide some clarity on the subject here.  Here are some quick Mythbusters to get started: ANT+ ANT+ is not Bluetooth but does use wireless technology Can connect to multiple devicese.g. Connecting/pairing one ANT+ device with another ANT+ […]

How to find device ID on a Elite E8i

This page explains how to find the device ID for your NoblePro E8i. This feature requires the operating system software to be v1.5.5 or newer. Check your operating system software here. To do a system-wide software update please see this guide. The changelog can be found here. How to identify the device ID Step 1: […]

NoblePro Bluetooth FTMS modules

The advancements in Bluetooth firmware and hardware over time means there have been a number of different versions of the NoblePro FTMS module over time. This article will be explaining the differences between versions of the NoblePro FTMS modules. Feature FTMS v3 FTMS v2 FTMS v1 FTMS compatible Firmware updatable Virtual foot pod HRM BLE […]

Power inlet replacement

This guide will take you through how to replace the power inlet for your Elite Series treadmill. Warning: This repair does involve mains voltage so follow the instructions carefully. What will I need? To undertake the replacement you will need: 1. Replacement power inlet. 2. Star screwdriver. Removal of the faulty power inlet 1. Turn […]