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Changelog: E8i Sidekick Lite

Release 23.2.3 – [Fix] Negative speed error- [Fix] Negative incline error Release 23.2.1 – [Update] Default incline value to 0% – [Fix] Incline shortcut buttons didn’t work- [Fix] Speed buttons didn’t work- [Fix] Unit conversation Release 23.1.4 – Sidekick Lite is a less resource-intensive version of the Original Sidekick app, focused

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Changelog: FTMS Bluetooth Modules

07 June 2022 – Release v1.2.0 Connect v3 – v3.2.0 Completes BLE RSCS GATT service implementation. Fixes the “audio fizz” on the E8.0 screen when connected to the Bluetooth Audio. 10 March 2022 – Release v1.2.0 Connect v3 – v3.1.2 Adds BLE HRM GATT service. Adds BLE RSCS GATT service.

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Changelog: E8i Sidekick

Release 22.6.15 (2022-06-07) – This release fixes a bug where the run screen would show an incorrect value for the current incline of the treadmill. Release 22.6.12 (2022-05-30) – This release adds incline override settings for those users who have ZeroShoes. Release 22.6.10 (2022-05-17) – Fixes a bug where some

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Changelog: E8i treadmill system

v1.6.2 (2022-04-04) Adds support for NoblePro Sidekick Adds support for beta groups v1.5.6 (2022-01-17) Fixes a bug where the maintenance message would display erroneously after a session v1.5.5 (2022-02-11) The maintenance screen has received an overhaul, and the treadmill will now notify users when the maintenance distance has been exceeded

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