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Release 22.6.15 (2022-06-07)

– This release fixes a bug where the run screen would show an incorrect value for the current incline of the treadmill.

Release 22.6.12 (2022-05-30)

– This release adds incline override settings for those users who have ZeroShoes.

Release 22.6.10 (2022-05-17)

– Fixes a bug where some screens would not read data from the treadmill at all.

Release 22.6.1 (2022-05-04)

With this release we and the current beta testing phase for NoblePro Sidekick. Thank you so very much to everyone who helped us test things, and for providing feedback. You’re all very excellent people.

– This release reworks the foreground service implementation that records the 1hz snapshots so that it only runs while the treadmill runs. This has drastically improved the app’s responsiveness and general interactivity.
– Also fixes a bug where the navigation would break when the treadmill status changed to ‘running’ if not on the run screen.

Release 22.4.15 (2022-04-07)

– Fixes a bug that caused the app to crash when a user selected “Month” on one of the first 9 days of the month from the dropdown on the Stats screen.

Release 22.4.14 (2022-04-05)

– Fixes a bug where the app would crash when users attempted to link their Strava and TrainingPeaks accounts to the app.

The NoblePro E8i Sidekick app launched on 04 April 2022.

This release has been months in the making, and we’d like to thank all the beta testers that helped us get here!

It’s a much improved experience over the previous app, and we really hope you enjoy it! 

If you have any questions, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord – you can find a link to our server in the page footer.

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