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This page explains what an E02 error means and how to fix it on an NoblePro Elite E8.0 treadmill.

What does E02 error mean?

Reason 1: Communication cable fault. The communication cable is how data is sent from the motor to the treadmill screen. The cable is located inside the right upright post of the treadmill base. It can sometimes become trapped or twisted causing the error to show up.

Reason 2: Fault in the Motor Control Board (MCB).

How to fix an E02 error

Fix 1: Using the instructions in the assembly video below, please complete the following:

Assembly video

  1. Unplug and replug in the screen connectors behind the screen to ensure the connection is successful
  2. If this doesn’t solve the issue, remove the screen and the console frame
  3. Locate the communication cable that is inside the right upright post
  4. Unplug and replug the cable in to ensure the connection is successful
  5. Inspect the cable for any damage to the main body of the cable and at either end

If this does not solve the problem or you notice some damage to the cable, please create a support ticket with the photo attached and someone from our team will be able to help.

Fix 2: A new MCB will need to be provided. The NoblePro team will provide this to you either free of charge (if within warranty time period) or at cost (if outside warranty time period).

Please create a support ticket and someone from our team will be able to help.

Once your new MCB arrives, it is easy to self-fit thus providing the quickest resolution.

MCB replacement guide

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