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5 reasons why you need a Smart Treadmill

Many people say they can’t imagine not having a smart treadmill once they finally upgrade to one! We have provided below why we think you should upgrade to a Smart treadmill vs. your older Basic treadmill!

1. Always run in exotic locations


Turn your pain cave into a virtual world of excitement by connecting to your favourite virtual destinations like Zwift, Kinomap, Rouvy and more!

“I have an E8i treadmill and it is a great machine. It connects automatically via Bluetooth to Zwift”

“I have ran over 1200+ miles, mostly on Zwift for triathlon training. Superb bit of kit”

A dark, lonely, junk-filled garage doesn’t have the same thrill or appeal to it as running in the Alps or along the beach!

2. Catch up on your favourite TV shows


You’ll never miss an episode of your favourite TV shows again with Netflix (plus other streaming services) readily available at the push of a button!

“The connection to Netflix is quick and you can easily find the series or movies that you’d like to watch”

Only available on the NoblePro E8i treadmill

Staring at a blank wall can get pretty tedious after 40 seconds never mind during a marathon training run!

3. Run hands-free! 


You focus on the running and your treadmill will take control of your speed/incline using apps such as, Kinni! With Kinni, you can create your own Workouts or use one from the Workout library to get the most out of your run.

“Great treadmill, now using it for sport science sessions (incremental treadmill testing) as can have Kinni automate the sessions etc. Great value for money”

Click, click, click.. that’s the annoying sound of you changing the speed or incline for your hard run session whilst trying to run fast!

4. Save money (in the long run!)


Here at NoblePro we pride ourselves on the quality of our treadmill to ensure that is stable and long lasting, no matter how fast you run! Over the years we have developed our product to last. By providing you with an extensive warranty, we are sure you will love it for many years!

“I run on it almost every day, even run a few marathons on it. No issues at all!”

Without a reliable treadmill, warranty or technical support team, you may end up buying another one sooner rather than later or being left for months waiting for a new part to arrive! 

The team are pretty ‘smart’ about the treadmills too here at NoblePro 😉


5. Track your training in one place


Keep all of your training in one place e.g. Strava, TrainingPeaks by exporting and syncing your run as you would with a running watch from the Sidekick app! Your treadmill will save it ALL for you! 

“Seamless connectivity between the treadmill and Strava”

Sidekick only available on the E8i treadmill.

Writing down all your splits and paces on a piece of paper or trying to remember them from a session is quite a challenge!  Also, your running watch always seem to abate your pace and distance too! 

Smart treadmills are called smart for a reason..


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