How to update the Bluetooth module firmware

When do I need to update my firmware? All treadmills/screens purchased after 26th December 2021 have the new modules. Please update them at first use. Following the purchase of new bluetooth modules (HRM V2 or FTMS V3) for treadmills purchased pre 26th December 2021. Please create a support ticket to enquire about purchasing the new […]

Internet speed test

This guide will walk you through how to perform a WiFi speed test if the apps on your NoblePro E8i screen seem to be slow to respond/crash when connected to the internet. A speed test is helpful to do once you have already tried the following: Forget your WiFi network on the treadmill by clicking […]

Octonic: VR fitness adventures

Octonic – “Give your treadmill journey a destination..” NoblePro has partnered with Octonic to offer a unique solution that connects mobile virtual reality headsets like the Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro with any NoblePro Elite model!  This allows runners to exercise socially with friends in a variety of virtual environments, from natural worlds to […]

Replacing Screen

This guide will walk you through how swap over your screen.  If you need further assistance or details on the process, please refer to the relevant user manual. What will I need: Replacement screen Star screwdriver 5mm allen key Replacing the screen Step 1: Remove the 2 screws that fasten the screen cover panel to […]

Fixing an E02 error

This page explains what an E02 error means and how to fix it on an NoblePro Elite E8.0 treadmill. What does E02 error mean? Reason 1: Communication cable fault. The communication cable is how data is sent from the motor to the treadmill screen. The cable is located inside the right upright post of the […]

5 reasons why you need a Smart Treadmill

Many people say they can’t imagine not having a smart treadmill once they finally upgrade to one! We have provided below why we think you should upgrade to a Smart treadmill vs. your older Basic treadmill! 1. Always run in exotic locations   Turn your pain cave into a virtual world of excitement by connecting to […]

How to change Widgets on Sidekick

What are Widgets? Widgets are different data points you can view whilst you run e.g. Time, Distance. Everyone is different in how they want to view their workout, that’s why we give you the choice! How to change your Widgets On the Sidekick app you can view a total of 5 different Widgets at once. You […]

How to lubricate your incline mechanism

This page explains how to correctly lubricate the incline joints if your incline is squeaking when it is adjusted during your run. How to lubricate the incline mechanism Please ensure your treadmill incline is set to level 0 and the power is switched off Grab some light oil (WD40 or similar multi-use lubricant) Hold the […]

How to measure your NoblePro treadmill’s incline

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure and adjust the incline of a treadmill. This is particularly useful when calibrating, and adjusting your treadmill for use with apps that use incline data like Zwift. Incline terminology There are 3 different ways in which treadmill incline can be defined: 1. Levels (which is usually […]

Incline Override on Sidekick

NoblePro treadmills have been carefully designed to have 2% incline on “level 0”. However, if you purchase our Zero Shoes you would need to set the incline on your NoblePro Sidekick app to “real zero”. Using incline override Open the Sidekick app on the Noble Pro E8i home screen. Open Settings. Turn on the incline […]