How to lubricate your incline mechanism

This page explains how to correctly lubricate the incline joints if your incline is squeaking when it is adjusted during your run. How to lubricate the incline mechanism Please ensure your treadmill incline is set to level 0 and the power is switched off Grab some light oil (WD40 or

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How do I store my treadmill at home?

Struggling to decide the best place to store your NoblePro treadmill? We have put together a list of considerations for you to help you find that perfect place for your new pain cave or peaceful escape! In recent times, we have seen a huge increase in garage conversions into home

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Maintenance schedule

This page explains why, when and how to complete the necessary maintenance checks on your treadmill to ensure the longest life of your machine. Why do I need to complete maintenance checks on my treadmill? If you keep on top of maintaining your treadmill, you’ll reduce the chances of any

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How to fix a clunking noise

This page explains what might be causing your treadmill to make a ‘clunking’ noise. Step 1: Bump stops Try removing the bump stops as the first step. The treadmill comes with bump stops (optional), which provide a firmer running surface during 0% incline. In some cases, these can touch the

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How to lubricate your treadmill belt

The lubrication of one’s treadmill belt is critical to ensure longevity of the treadmill as a whole. Think of the lubrication as the blood running through your treadmills vanes. This article will help you to identify if and when your treadmill needs lubrication as well as what lubrication to use.

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Motor torque optimisation

This page contains instructions on how to optimise the motor torque value on the Elite E8.0 and E8i. Before starting this process ensure the belt is correctly adjusted (see guide here). If the torque value is not optimised the belt might stutter, have a sluggish response when in use of

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How to adjust a treadmill belt

This page explains how to adjust a treadmill belt to ensure that it is correctly aligned on the running board. An adjustment will be needed if the belt is not in the centre of the running board to avoid touching the sides of the footrests. How to centre the

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