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E8.0 Console

E8.0 Console
NoblePro Support

Fitting an FTMS + Audio Bluetooth V3

This guide will walk you through how to fit a FTMS + Audio Bluetooth V3 module for NoblePro Elite E8.0 series treadmills. These modules are FTMS compatible to allow connection to virtual foot pods, the sending of data to BLE HRM and Bluetooth audio in. For further information on the

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E8 Series

Testing the speaker volume

This page explains how to measure the NoblePro Elite E8 Series speaker output levels. We know this is important to many people so we wanted to provide a way to check the volume levels. What tools to use To measure the sound you will need to use a decibel meter.

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How to remove the 99 minute time limit

Introduction This page contains the instructions on how to remove the 99-minute time limit on the NoblePro Elite E8.0. The NoblePro Elite E8.0 is limited to 99 minutes as default from the factory however the limit can be removed by following the instructions below. How to remove the time limit

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How to calibrate your Elite E8.0

This page contains instructions on how to calibrate the speed for the Elite E8.0. Note: This procedure is for advanced users and to be undertaken at one’s own risk. What will I need? To ensure accurate calibration of the speed you will need a measuring instrument called a tachometer.  We

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Why does my treadmill keep starting when using Zwift?

There have been reports of NoblePro Elite treadmills starting or resuming a session without user input when connected to Zwift. This issue is solely related to the Zwift app as the treadmills are functioning as per design. What is happening? The Zwift app is sending the treadmill start session instructions

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