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This page explains how to measure the NoblePro Elite E8 Series speaker output levels. We know this is important to many people so we wanted to provide a way to check the volume levels.

What tools to use

To measure the sound you will need to use a decibel meter. A good solution is to use an app from your respective app store. We have provided our favourites below to make things a bit easier.

Sound Meter (Android)
Decibel: dB sound level meter (Apple)

Note: Phones are not laboratory testing equipment, values will vary between devices with values only to be used as indicators. 

Where to measure

The sound level was measured between the middle of the console handles tips and 50 cm above the console. This position was used to simulate the heads position during use. The measurement environment was set in a house (so you can relate) with carpet floors with no sound-absorbing material in the room e.g. curtains.

NoblePro Elite - Speaker test location

What to measure

To ensure we measure the entire audible range for humans and have repeatable results we used the video below directly on the treadmill.


To give you an indication of what to look for we have provided a video of expected results below when using the video linked above with a max dB reading of 88 dB.

What is dB?

The decibels (dB) is the unit of measure for sound levels which uses a nonlinear scale. To get an idea of what dB levels mean in the real world have a look at this chart.

Other considerations

It is important to consider that these measurements are without someone using the treadmill. The users walking and running style has a big impact on the noise levels of the treadmill when in use.

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