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This guide will walk you through how swap over your screen. 

If you need further assistance or details on the process, please refer to the relevant user manual.

What will I need:

  • Replacement screen
  • Star screwdriver
  • 5mm allen key

Replacing the screen

Step 1: Remove the 2 screws that fasten the screen cover panel to the back of the screen

Step 2: Remove the 2 screws with flat washers that fasten the console screen to the console base

Step 3: Disconnect the console connections A to A, B to B and C to C respectively

Step 4: Slide the screen out of the console base ensuring none of the wires are bent or twisted

Step 5: Remove the mounting bracket by unfastening the 4 x screws and then feed the screen connection wires (A,B and C) through the hole in the mounting bracket to remove the bracket safely

Step 6: Place the old screen back into the packaging that the new screen was delivered in

Step 7: Attach the mounting bracket onto the back of the new screen and reassemble the screen onto the treadmill console base

Step 8: Reassembly is the reverse of assembly

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