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This page helps you identify the possible causes of belt slip and the steps needed to fix it. The general description of belt slip is the feeling that the running belt “sticks” and does not move at the same speed as the front roller. This is a result of the motor’s rotation not being transmitted smoothly to the running belt.

There are some key components which need to be considered when investigating the cause of the belt slip. Each one of these components plays a critical role in having a smooth running belt operation and it is essential to consider each during maintenance.

  1. Motor pulley
    The pulley attached to the drive end of the electric motor
  2. Motor belt
    The belt attached to the motor pulley and front roller pulley
  3. Front roller
    The roller at the front of the treadmill that rotates the running belt and has a pulley for the motor belt at one end
  4. Running belt
    The belt which you run/walk on and is driven by the front roller

Motor pulley <> Motor belt <> Front roller

A well-maintained and aligned motor belt ensures the power from the motor gets transmitted from the motor to the front roller. If the belt is slipping on the motor pulleys, please check the following:

  1. Remove over lubrication.
    If the motor belt (2) has any lubrication on it it will slip and not grip the pulleys. Remove any lubrication from the motor belt (2) and pulleys (1 & 3) and/or replace the motor belt.
  2. Motor belt tension.
    If the motor belt (2) tension is too low, it will not be able to grip the pulleys (1 & 3) and will therefore slip. Adjust your motor belt (2) tension as per this guide.
  3. Motor belt alignment.
    Check that the motor belt is correctly aligned as per this guide.

Front roller <> Running belt

A well-maintained and aligned running belt ensures the power from the front roller gets to the running belt. If the belt is slipping on the front roller, please check the following:

  1. Lubrication.
    It is very important to keep your running belt (4) adequately lubricated. If under-lubricated, it will cause damage to the running board and the running belt (4) itself. If over-lubricated, the belt will slip on the front roller. Lubricate as per this guide.
  2. Running belt tension/alignment
    If the running belt (4) tension is too low, it will not be able to grip the front roller (3) and will, therefore, slip. If the belt is misaligned, it will not have an even grip across the front roller (3) and will, therefore, slip. Adjust your running belt tension/alignment as per this guide.
  3. Clean the front roller.
    Over time, dirt can build up on the front roller’s (3) length, which can cause it to slip on the running belt. The front roller (3) must be kept clean of dirt to function as per the design.

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