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This page helps you to align your motor 90 degrees with the motor belt if it looks slightly mis-aligned. Misalignment of more than 5 degrees can cause belt squeak. 

Some key components that need to be considered when addressing the motor alignment are listed below:

1. Motor
The main electric motor

2. Motor belt
The belt attached to the motor pulley and front roller pulley

3&4. Motor mount bolts
The bolts used to mount the motor to the treadmill frame

5. Motor belt tension bolt
The tensioning bolt used to tighten the motor belt

Guide to align the motor belt

Due to the motor belt tension, the motor can rotate slightly clockwise towards the front roller. In order to rotate the motor counter-clockwise, to resist the motor belt tension, please complete the following steps:

  1. Turn off the treadmill and remove the plug from the wall.
  2. Remove the motor cover by unscrewing the 4 screws on the side.
  3. Loosen the three motor mount bolts indicated (3).
    IMPORTANT: The fourth motor mount bolt (4) will remain secured into place as the motor will rotate around this point.
  4. Tighten the motor belt tension bolt (5). This will make the motor rotate clockwise.
  5. Once the motor belt is around 90 degrees to the motor, re-tighten all the motor mounting bolts (3).
  6. Reinstall the motor cover (the reverse of Step 2).

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