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When you are using the Netflix app on your E8i treadmill, sometimes the audio can be out of sync. 

Fortunately, this is not an issue with your treadmill. 

Unfortunately, it is an issue with the Netflix app.

This can be tested through the other apps that are already loaded onto the treadmill. Please check VLC, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video and YouTube all sync the audio to the video correctly.

In the meantime, we will continue to check for updates to the app from the Netflix team. 

Please note: Our technical team will make these updates available on the E8i treadmills as and when they are released.

Netflix - reporting and troubleshooting

If you feel happy to do so, please report this issue to Netflix. This may help to solve the issue quicker.

Additionally, the official Netflix troubleshooting documents can be found here.

Below is the complete step by step process of reporting:

Step 1

From the Netflix app on the treadmill, open the menu, and tap ‘Account’. This should open a new browser tab on the treadmill.

Step 2

Open the profile you are using on the treadmill, and find the ‘Viewing activity’ section, then tap the ‘View’ link to open the list.

Step 3

Find the show or movie you were trying to watch on the treadmill from the list, and tap the ‘Report a problem’ link to open the form.

Step 4

Check the ‘Problems with sound’ checkbox, and add any additional details you would like to in the ‘Any more details?’ text field.

Then, tap the ‘Report Problem’ button to submit the form.

That's it!

When the form has been submitted, you will see a notice that the problem has been reported on the list.

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