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Treadmill uses a large electric motor to power the running belt but the circuit should be able to handle the power requirements. NoblePro treadmills are designed for 13 amp standard circuits at home. However, there are times when a treadmill may trip the circuit breaker. This is not limited to treadmills as other appliances can do it as well. The steps to find the causing circuit trips are covered on this page.

Circuit overload

This is where appliances using a circuit is attempting to draw too much power. The circuit trips to prevent the circuit overloading or igniting causing damage to the wiring. The trip is a good thing in this case and you just need to identify the appliance causing the overload.

If the treadmill is causing the circuit breaker to trip the most likely cause is circuit overload or the breaker is faulty. The treadmill will draws 13 amp during peak times so if you have other appliances using the same electrical circuit consider use a dedicated circuit with a circuit breaker rated at 16 amp (type C16) or more. Alternatively lowering the power loads on the current circuit cause solve the problem. If the treadmill turns on but keeps tripping the power during use, a faulty circuit breaker is also likely.

Ground fault

This is generally referred to as a ground or earth leakage. This is more prevalent in older homes where electrical circuits do not comply to the latest electrical regulations.  The use of a professional electrician is recommended in this case.

Power cord

The power connection and cord can be a possible cause. It is never recommended to use an extension cord when using any appliance requiring high power demands. Plug the treadmill directly into the plug and see if the issue persists. If the power cord is damaged / pinched in any way this will also increase the resistance and be a possible cause of issues. Try to use an alternative power cord.


The biggest power requirement on a treadmill is to move the running belt. It is therefore advisable to periodically optimise the motor torque as part of  normal maintenance (see guide here) which can also be helpful in reducing peak current requirements of the treadmill.

The running belt relies on lubrication to reduce the friction between the running board and the running belt. If the friction is too high the motor will draw more amps and potentially cause the breaker to trip. It is therefore very important to undertake regular maintenance which includes the inspection and lubrication of the running belt, if needed.

Motor torque adjustment

As a last resort one can adjust the torque value of the electric motor to reduce the initial power required during the initial start-up. We have some detailed articles on the topic that can be found here.

If you want to know the perfect place to store your treadmill, see our handy guide here.


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