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Static build up on exercise machines is very common and frustrating at the same time. The good news is that there are preventative measures that you can take to reduce the occasional zap when skin comes into contact with the frame or heart rate sensors.

Place the machine on a mat

The use of a treadmill mat is a very good idea not just for protecting the floor but also to reduce the chances of static building up.

Consider what you are wearing

The use of synthetic clothing is well known to cause static build up. Try and use clothing made from natural fibers as much as possible. Clothing can be a major cause in significant static buildup.

Dry air

The dryer the air the higher the chances for static to build up as there is little moisture in the air. The effect will be more noticeable when using a treadmill in a laundry room as the washing machine and drier compounds the problem. Consider using a humidifier in the same room as the treadmill with a target humidity level of 50%.


This point is often overlooked and can have a big impact on the level of static build up. A treadmill has many moving parts that require regular maintenance which in turn will reduce friction and therefore static created by the treadmill.

Use a static band

The use of a static band is very effective and is recommended if other methods have been tried and the issue still persists. The use of static bands in the electronics industry is every common and can be obtained on Amazon. The clip from the cord needs to be connected to the frame of the treadmill and make a good electrical connection. In general the fixing screws between the posts and console is a good connection point.

Check your power

The longevity and safe use of any equipment relies on a good electrical ground connection.  This is more prevalent with equipment with powerful motors like treadmills. This means it is important to plug the treadmill into a dedicated plug connected into a circuit breaker and do not use an electrical extensions. In some instances an electrical expert might be required to check the ground connection to ensure everything is up to modern regulations.

Quick tips

  • Fabric Softener – Wiping the treadmill belt with fabric softener can help to reduce static.
  • Anti-static spray – Some anti-static spray on the area surrounding the treadmill may also help stop static.
  • Ventilation – Increasing room airflow is recommended.
  • Cleaning – Never use cleaners with ammonia, alcohol or bleach, and never spray a cleaner directly on the treadmill. We recommend anti-bacterial wipes. If you have a spray-cleaner, use a solution of diluted soap and spray it on a washcloth first and not directly on the machine.

If you want to know the perfect place to store your treadmill, see our handy guide here.

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