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How to optimise motor torque, reduce belt stuttering and stop power trips – Elite E8.0


This page contains instructions on how to optimise the motor torque value on the Elite E8.0. Before starting this process ensure the belt is correctly adjusted (see guide here).

If the torque value is not optimised the belt might stutter or have a sluggish response when in use. The stuttering is described as a stop-start motion of the belt which normally occurs at low speeds (1-5 km/hr). The cause of stuttering can be a result of the calibration values entered (see guide here) resulting in a slight torque fluctuation in the motor at low speeds or a change in friction in the system.

The lowering of the torque value can also help to reduce the chances of power trips on circuits that might be struggling under load. The value will lower the peak power draw at startup therefore lowering the chances of the circuit breaker tripping. This method should be seen as a last resort to reducing power trips as it will reduce the optimised torque value of the machine.

Note: This procedure is for advanced users and to be undertaken at one’s own risk.

How to reduce belt stuttering

  1. Stop the treadmill and remove the safety key.
  2. Press the START and SPEED (-) buttons at the same time. This will bring up the advanced settings menu.
  3. Press the Programs / Training Prog button until d09 appears on the screen. This sets the motor torque value.
  4. Use the SPEED (+) or (-) buttons to increase or decrease the value. To start with set the value to 65.
  5. Press the STOP button to save the value.
  6. Place the start key back in place and press the START button with the speed set to 1 km/hr.
  7. If the treadmill belt runs smoothly keep increasing the value of d09 by repeating steps 1 to 5 until the belt starts stuttering again.
  8. Once the do9 value has been identified when stuttering starts go back one value and save the setting.
    value stuttering start – 1 = value to use
    e.g. 70 – 1 = 69

By using the highest value of d09 without stuttering will provide an optimum treadmill torque and response time.

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