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This article will guide you to changing power inlet fuse as well as the plug fuse. Before following this guide it is a good idea to find the cause of the blown fuse and we suggest reading the circuit overload article.

What will I need?

To undertake the replacement you will need:

  • T10AL240V (glass) fuse for the power inlet

How to change the fuse

Step 1:  Turn off the treadmill by the wall and unplug the power cable from the treadmill power socket and wait 20 mins for the capacitors to discharge.

Step 2: Open the fuse tray.

Step 3: Replace the fuse with a T10AL240V fuse.

Step 4: Reinstall the fuse tray.

Power cord fuse

The power cord used has a standard UK plug and the fuse is very easy to change. The fuse required for the power cord is a 13A fuse (this is different to the power inlet fuse).

We have provided a handy video here.

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