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This article will help you connect your NoblePro Elite E8i or E10 series treadmill to the WiFi.

How to connect to WiFi

1. On the home page, touch the Wi-Fi icon at the top of the screen

2. Ensure the Wi-Fi is enabled

3. Select the Wi-Fi network from the available network list.

4. Enter the correct network password

5. Verify that the network says connected

Note: This treadmill is only compatible with the 802.11b/n router with SSID broadcast enabled


There are a few issues you might experience during connection.

Password issues

The most likely cause is that the password entered is incorrect. To address this, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the network using “Forget Network”
  2. Click on the network you want to connect to
  3. Click “Show password”
  4. Enter your password carefully by checking it is indeed correct
Mobile Hotspot

You can connect your treadmill to your mobile hotspot if your treadmill is out of reach of your router. 

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