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Do I need a foot pod to run on a treadmill?

To put it simply you do not need a foot pod to run on a treadmill but it does have its advantages. Foot pods can provide you additional data compared to treadmills and smart watches, but with added hassle of adding another device to your workout routine.

The main advantage of using a foot pod includes: 

  • More accurate run data compared to a smart watch
  • Ability to use apps like Zwift, Strava, Rouvy, Kinni and more. 

There are many different foot pods currently on the market and each of them will tell you it is the best one.

Further down this article, we have provided some insight on some of the most popular foot pods available to purchase that work with your NoblePro Elite treadmill!

Why don’t I need a foot pod with my NoblePro Elite treadmill?

Your NoblePro Elite treadmill acts as a virtual foot pod  allowing the flexibility of a foot pod without any of the drawbacks.

Foot pods will share some, more or all of the following data (depending on the brand):

  • Cadence
  • Stride length
  • Power 
  • Pace, speed and distance (estimated using data assumptions from the above)

Which are the best food pods for treadmill running?

There are many considerations when it comes to deciding which foot pod to buy (if any!) to use with your treadmill. Below we have compared Stryd, Polar Stride Sensor and Zwift Run Pod. Many foot pods also work outside so if this is feature you require, keep this in mind when choosing.

StrydPolar Stride SensorZwift Run Pod
How to attach/useAttach to shoeAttach to shoeAttach to shoe​
Battery typeRechargeable, 20+ hours per chargeReplaceable/Non-rechargeableReplaceable/Non-rechargeable
Android/iOS connectableBothiOS onlyBoth

There is obviously a lot more detailed features on what each watch provides, but we will leave that to the manufacturer to explain!


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