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What is a virtual foot pod?

As data fiends are becoming more common, the use of foot pods becomes more and more popular in the athlete world too. But what if you could have all the data of the foot pod without buying one and attaching it to your shoe?

Well, now you can, with the NoblePro treadmills!

How does a virtual foot pod work? 

A virtual foot pod provides all the advantage of using a foot pod without any of the disadvantages. The virtual foot pod is automatically activated on NoblePro treadmills via Bluetooth. 

The NoblePro virtual foot pods will send the following data:

  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Stride length
  • Distance
Based on this information apps can calculate a number of other metrics e.g. pace.

Benefits of virtual foot pods vs. physical foot pods

  • You don’t need to attach it to your footwear
  • It’s free!
  • You don’t need to charge it up
  • You won’t lose it
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