Ultra Training on your Treadmill

Aside from being a runners ‘best friend’ during the cold, wet and miserable winter months, I’ve found my Noble Pro treadmill to be an extremely useful tool that I’ve been using as part of my Ultra marathon training.
I’ll share a few ways that I’ve been using the treadmill to supplement my Ultra training in this blog. I’ve found them useful so hopefully they could be of some help, or at least provide a little “food for thought” if you’re looking to mix up the training a little.

Hill Training

I’m only in the office 2 days a week and the rest are working from home. I usually go out for a 5k walk on my lunch break, so I’ve swapped a couple of my daily lunchtime walks for treadmill walks with the maximum inclined set. It’s a small change to my routine but it’s been a big benefit. For me, it’s been a great way to get a decent workout in (by getting my quads and calves fired up) during my lunch break, without sacrificing to much effort so I can still get a good run in when I finish work.

Kit checks/testing

Personally, I find the treadmill one of the best and most risk free ways to get your ultra kit spot on and ‘dialled in’. Different ultras require you to run with different kit. Some have big mandatory kit requirements whilst others may have minimal requirements. I’ll always test my ultra “load-out” on the treadmill first before hitting the trails. I do this so I can ensure that when I hit the outdoors, my kit is set up correctly and comfortably.
A good example is my last ultra. It was the first time I’ve ever used poles, so I did a few test runs on the treadmill to find out the best way to attach them to my running vest.
I used the term “risk free” earlier because if you find out that something isn’t working with the way you’ve set your kit up, you just press the stop button. It’s better than finding out something isn’t quite working and your miles from home or the car.


Strength Training

I don’t have a gym membership, so I’ve found the treadmill a great way to supplement strength training by the using it for the following.

  1. Hill workouts, as mentioned earlier with the incline walks, and hill sessions using the Kinni App
  2. Farmers Carry (Farmers Walk) – I don’t have much room in the house so utilizing the treadmill to do Farmer Carries has been pretty useful. I’ll get a dumbbell or weights in each hand & usually walk for a few reps of between 1-2 minutes.
  3. Weighted marches. I’ll put weights into a backpack (as I don’t have a weighted vest) and cover a set distance sometimes with a bit of incline in to spice things up a little. This one always gets the legs working.

Recovery Runs

Ultra training can be rather demanding at times. There’s the need to get in a decent amount of miles and time on feet, so I find the treadmill is the best way to get the recovery run done. I can ensure I keep the pace and effort easy, whilst keeping those all-important miles ticking over…and maybe catch up on some TV in the process (which is a definitely a win win right..)

I’ve found the treadmill has played a really helpful role in my ultra training, especially when using “outside of the box” methods.

If you’re also using the treadmill to supplement your training, whether it be for a 5k or ultra then do let us know.

It’s always great to hear any treadmill tips or training methods that other people are using.


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