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What watts?

Do you know how much power your treadmill uses?

To ensure you know what to expect before or after you buy your treadmill, we want you to understand ‘what watts’ your treadmill uses in order to account for this in your monthly finances.  We did some testing for you using our NoblePro Elite treadmill.

What are watts?

Watts is what the power consumption of your treadmill is measured in. Basically, they determine how much electricity your treadmill is going to consume.

1000 W = 1 kW

‘Watt’ do I need to consider?

  • The size of the treadmill motor (all Elite NoblePro treadmills have an industrial-grade 4.2 HP motor with 3.0 Continuous HP)
  • How often you use your treadmill
  • What speed you run at
  • The age of your treadmill 
  • Do you leave your treadmill on standby?
Stay on top of the maintenance of your treadmill to keep it running smoother for longer!

How do we work out the electricity costs when using your treadmill?

To calculate electricity costs it is important to have an understanding of the treadmill’s wattage and power usage.

You need to think about how often you use your treadmill over a month and then multiply this by the max or average treadmill wattage

Steady-state power at 10kph for a NoblePro Elite treadmill

0.570 kW x 15 hours a month = 8.55kWh

After doing this calculation, you can identify what it will add to your electricity bill (depending on what your provider charges).

British Gas currently charges 34.037p per kWh for electricity within the UK

For the example above
8.55kWh x 34.037p = £2.91 per month

Steady-state (kW)
6 kph continuously0.340
10 kph continuously0.570
20 kph continuously1.085

How does this compare to other household items?

Household itemPower usage
Tumble Dryer56.25kWh
Electric hob26.25kWh
NoblePro treadmill8.55kWh

Please note: The information above was taken from an online energy comparison website and are based on average customer usage.

If this has helped you decide that a NoblePro treadmill is what you need (because you don’t need to re-mortgage your house), we have made it easy to buy yourself an energy-efficient treadmill below!


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