Treadmills and elevation gain

This guide will help you measure the incline of your treadmill, and applies to any treadmill, not just NoblePro treadmills. Before we get started, there are a few things to cover around how incline in measured. After covering this, we’ll explain how to measure your treadmill incline. If you want to skip ahead, click here. […]

Changelog: FTMS Bluetooth Modules

07 June 2022 – Release v1.2.0 Connect v3 – v3.2.0 Completes BLE RSCS GATT service implementation. Fixes the “audio fizz” on the E8.0 screen when connected to the Bluetooth Audio. 10 March 2022 – Release v1.2.0 Connect v3 – v3.1.2 Adds BLE HRM GATT service. Adds BLE RSCS GATT service. HRM v2 – v2.1.1 HRM […]

Changelog: E8i Sidekick

Release 22.6.15 (2022-06-07) – This release fixes a bug where the run screen would show an incorrect value for the current incline of the treadmill. Release 22.6.12 (2022-05-30) – This release adds incline override settings for those users who have ZeroShoes. Release 22.6.10 (2022-05-17) – Fixes a bug where some screens would not read data […]

Changelog: E8i treadmill system

v1.6.2 (2022-04-04) Adds support for NoblePro Sidekick Adds support for beta groups v1.5.6 (2022-01-17) Fixes a bug where the maintenance message would display erroneously after a session v1.5.5 (2022-02-11) The maintenance screen has received an overhaul, and the treadmill will now notify users when the maintenance distance has been exceeded Adds a device identifier to […]

Releases overview

We have a lot of software projects that get updated regularly. This page lists all our projects, and links to the pages where we announce releases, and list the changes for each release. NoblePro Go app NoblePro FTMS Bluetooth Modules (chipset firmware) NoblePro Elite E8i treadmill Sidekick app Treadmill system

The bigger treadmill roller size myth, and how roller size affects your treadmill

Introduction We are often asked about the roller size of our treadmills, and there’s a prevailing myth that a bigger roller is better. This post will hopefully clarify some questions about the size of the treadmill roller. We explain the design specification for our treadmill rollers, and hopefully we can kill the bigger treadmill roller […]