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Connecting your HR monitor

Here we are going to provide some insight on how you can purchase and connect the right chest heart rate monitor (HRM) to use alongside your E8.0 or E8i treadmill that will enhance your workout experience! If you have selected a correct and compatible device, your treadmill will connect automatically

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Connecting your Bluetooth headphones

Here we are going to provide some insight on how you can purchase and connect the right wireless bluetooth headphones to use alongside your E8i treadmill to enhance your workout experience! If you have selected a correct and compatible pair, your treadmill will connect automatically and will remember the headphones

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Changelog: E8i Sidekick

Release 22.6.11 (2022-05-17) – Fixes a bug where some screens would not read data from the treadmill at all. Release 22.6.1 (2022-05-04) With this release we and the current beta testing phase for NoblePro Sidekick. Thank you so very much to everyone who helped us test things, and for providing

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Changelog: E8i treadmill system

v1.6.2 (2022-04-04) Adds support for NoblePro Sidekick Adds support for beta groups v1.5.6 (2022-01-17) Fixes a bug where the maintenance message would display erroneously after a session v1.5.5 (2022-02-11) The maintenance screen has received an overhaul, and the treadmill will now notify users when the maintenance distance has been exceeded

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How to fit a Bluetooth BLE HRM V2 module

This guide will walk you through how to fit a BLE Bluetooth HRM V2 module for NoblePro Elite E8 series treadmills. There modules were fitted as of 26th Dec 2021. This will allow HRM BLE enabled apps to get heart rate data from the treadmill to enable viewing of your

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What are FIT files?

You may have seen in other support articles, we talk about exporting your workouts via a FIT file to Strava, TrainingPeaks and lots of other apps. Firstly, a FIT file = Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer file which is defined by Garmin. It is a file format that is used

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Firmware update 1.2.0

We have just updated our Firmware update app (iOS, Android) to version 1.2.0! We are very excited about this update, and in this post I’m going to do my best to explain why it’s so cool. It’s a big step up for the treadmills’ Bluetooth capability, and it brings us

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How to transfer previous sessions

If you have updated your Treadmill to version 1.6.2 and have Sidekick version 22.3.9 or above then you will notice that your previous sessions will NOT have transfered over.This step by step guide will allow you to manually transfer your previous sessions over onto this app. How to do it

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How to change units

Everyone is different in how they want to measure things, that’s why we give you the choice! How to do it By default, the app is set to metric units, which means the data you see with be displayed in metres and kilometres. You can also set the app’s units

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How to upload a Session to TrainingPeaks from the Sidekick app

The Sidekick app allows you to quickly and easily upload the sessions you record on your treadmill to your TrainingPeaks account. https://www.noble-pro.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/training_peaks_upload.mp4 Step 1: Connect your TrainingPeaks account First, you will need to connect your TrainingPeaks account to the Sidekick app. If you haven’t done so, follow our guide here.

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