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Engineer Call Out

The helpful support team at NoblePro will assist you with any technical issues via the official support ticket system. Under the NoblePro warranty, we offer friendly engineering home callouts to address any issues with your machine considered to be a manufacturing defect. 

What will the engineer cover?

The engineer will be briefed on the issues you have been experiencing based on the information provided in your support ticket. The engineer will undertake a step by step troubleshooting process in addressing and understanding the cause of your issue. 

Is this covered under the warranty?

NoblePro will cover repair or replacement made found to be a manufacturer defect or NoblePro-approved assembly defined under warranty terms. If the fault is found not to be a manufacturer defect or relating to NoblePro-approved assembly the repair will not be covered under your warranty. 

How do I request an engineering call-out?

  1. Raise a technical support ticket detailing the issue.
  2. If you request an engineering call-out a refundable charge of
    is applicable. The call out deposit can be paid using the button below.
  3. Once paid, an independent engineering visit will be arranged at our convenience.
  4. The engineering report will be provided via the support ticket.
  5. If the independent engineer finds it to be a manufacturer defect or NoblePro-approved assembly fault, the change will be refunded.

Do I pay for parts? 

If the treadmill is still under warranty and the fault is found to be a manufacturer defect or NoblePro-approved assembly parts will be provided free of charge. 

If the treadmill is no longer under warranty please contact our team to enquire about part availability and pricing. 

Out of warranty? 

If your treadmill is out of warranty and you would like us to arrange for an approved independent engineer call out you please use the button below to pay for the booking. The service will only cover 1 call out’s labour with any repair parts at additional cost.