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Running with a buggy

As a keen runner and father of 2 young children, for me buggy running has been one of my highlights of parenthood so far. It’s allowed me to do something that I love with the people I love.

I started running with a buggy about 4 years ago when my first child was 2. I thought it’d be a great way to get Yaz (my daughter) out of the house, give my wife a couple of hours to herself and get some miles done all at the same time (smart parenting at its finest…)

My kids absolutely loved it. They always got a little thrill at speeding down the path’s and seeing the sights. Whilst for me, I’d always get a decent workout and a bit of bonding time with them….. also, if they managed to get a little nap in during the run then that was always a welcome bonus (refer to my earlier “smart parenting at its finest” comment…)

2 kids, a couple of tyre changes, and a good few hundred miles later the buggy’s still going strong, this time with my son Josh (who’s now 3 years old).

Living in Bristol I’m fortunate enough to be close the Bristol to Bath cycle path which is an absolute godsend for buggy running.

There are also several great running events that allow runners with buggys to take part, from local parkruns to many other races. I’ve been running the Relish Running Bath 2 Tunnels events with both my son and daughter for the last few years now, and my son and I recently ran our first half marathon together. 

We’ve got another half booked for early September 2023, which we’re now working towards.

I’ve loved every minute of the runs I’ve shared with my kids and would recommend buggy running to any runners out there with young kids.

I’m not expert here, but I thought I’d put a few pointers below for anyone who was thinking about taking it up:

  1. Running buggy’s don’t have to be super expensive. When I first started looking at them, I was put off by their eye watering prices (I’ve seen cars sold for less!) I did my research and managed to find a decent model for £170 brand new (which appreciate in this economic climate is still pricey, but when compared to other models turned out to be super reasonable).
  2. Don’t forget to bring the essentials for the little one. Drinks, snacks, nappies and wipes etc. Like us runners, the little ones also need to stay hydrated and fuelled for the run and you never know when you might have to execute a swift nappy change so, it’s best to come out prepared.
  3. LOCK THE FRONT WHEEL before setting off, probably the most important thing to remember. If you don’t lock the front wheel then it’ll start to wobble when you pick up speed and could jam, which could cause you to go over the handlebars.
  4. And lastly, just enjoy the bonding time with your children and making those memories.


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