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Benefits of Indoor Training

Indoor training can be very powerful and useful in your progression. There are many benefits of indoor training and it does give you that security. In this blog I am going to explain why I chose to train indoors all year round and not just the winter but focusing on the running aspect of my training.

Indoor training is a big aspect of my training being a Triathlete; I do strength training, cycling and run sessions in my summerhouse. I am a proud Noble Pro Ambassador and my treadmill is a very good product in helping me be the best I can be and my progression in achieving my goals. It is often the understanding that people only use treadmills in the winter and that is certainly not the case for me but also I use it to my advantage in the summer which can be used to help you prepare for hot weather.

Winter Training

Some of the benefits over the winter; firstly is security for me in the winter if it is too dark I like to train inside as it’s easier and safer then going out in the pitch black in the countryside. Having a treadmill at home is easy and you can just jump on it quickly and just run. Watching programs, films and even having a jig to music does make it fun. Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting out and if I am doing a long bike ride which is then followed by a run it is easy to jump on the treadmill as I am already ready and don’t need to dress for outdoors. Sometimes I want to watch the rest of the movie I was watching on the bike.

I tend to use my treadmill more over the winter because if I can’t run in the light, I prefer running indoors than running on my own in the dark. If the weather is bad then I don’t have to worry about getting wet or not being able to run because it’s too dangerous in the snow and risk injury. Of course it is important to get out when the weather is bad but not when it is dangerous so that you can risk getting injured. So I am able to get those miles in without worrying. I like that fact you can listen to music or even watch a film whilst running. I find easy runs easy to control your heart rate and monitor it more than being outdoors, I do find it helps pass the time more in the winter. If the weather is bad then I will jump on and do some long reps such as mile reps; I prefer doing the longer reps on the treadmill then, shorter ones.

Warm weather practice?

However, using the treadmill when it’s warm may sound off putting but also has a huge impact in your training. When I am preparing for summer races I use my treadmill for runs so I can climatise and get my body used to running in extreme heat. This is very beneficial for me and has prepared me for the World Championships in Montreal 2022. This allowed my body to adjust to running in hot weather to help me not struggle in the heat on race day.

With NoblePro treadmills you can use the Kinni app which is very easy to use and it syncs up with your HR monitor, the treadmill and a foot pod. What I like about it is there is a workout library and some ambassadors have created their own workouts for you to use. You can just jump on the treadmill and if you don’t know what to do have a look at a workout whether it is an easy or hard session. I like doing the Yo Yo workout; it’s short but a hard session if you are short on time. I also find it is great that you can make your sessions which makes it easy, for example if you want to do reps and add recoveries its simple and you don’t need to keep fiddling with the treadmill when doing a session.

Both are useful tools in my progression and you can certainly control the pace more on treadmills which is beneficial in your training, such as when I do mile reps I can do negative splits and I know I can control each rep to the pace I want to without the need to check my watch all the time.

I hope you found this blog useful it is a short blog telling you some of the benefits I have found over the years and what has helped me achieve my goals.


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