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We understand that some people like to have their third-party apps, such as, Zwift, on a larger screen like a TV for better visibility at ‘head height’.

We have put together some helpful information on how to view and use your TV with your NoblePro Elite E8i and E8.0 treadmills.

Connecting directly to Apple TV

With an Apple TV, you can connect your NoblePro Elite E8i and E8.0 treadmill directly. Depending on the third-party app you are using (loaded up from the Apple TV), scan for your NoblePro treadmill in devices just like you would search for any other device.

Please note: if the third-party app e.g. Zwift, produces any sound, this will come from the TV speakers, rather than the treadmill speakers. 

Streaming directly to a Smart TV from a tablet

Another option is to screen share or cast your third-party app from your tablet to the screen. Depending on the tablet you are using, either Android or Apple, both brands work slightly differently.

You would still need to connect your treadmill to your tablet in the same way you would connect your third-party app of choice to other devices. With both NoblePro Elite E8i and E8.0 treadmills, there is a holder for your tablet in front of the treadmill screen.

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