This page contains the instructions how to connect your NoblePro treadmill to Zwift via Bluetooth.

Note: This feature is only available with compatible FTMS enabled NoblePro models.

What Bluetooth does Zwift use?

Zwift used FTMS to communicate with your treadmill. FTMS does offer a variety of data and control features, not all of which Zwift currently uses.

Before you begin

There are 2 important things to do before connecting to Zwift.

  1. Either: Download the Zwift app from the applicable App store.

    You can use an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, PC, or an Android device like a Samsung phone or Google tablet.
    See Zwift’s official list of supported devices.
    If you are an Android user, you can also broadcast any Android device to your TV using something like Chromecast.

    Or: If you already have Zwift installed, make sure to update it to the latest version.

  2. Make sure the treadmill’s Bluetooth chips have the latest firmware installed.
    Please read our guide on how to update your FTMS firmware.
  3. Ensure Zwift has been given the needed Bluetooth permissions. You will need to go into your device settings to allow these permissions (read more).

How to connect your NoblePro Elite treadmill to Zwift

Once you are ready to run, fire up your device.

All NoblePro E8i treadmills as of 2020 have Bluetooth hardware that can connect to the mobile NoblePro app and other FTMS compatible apps. 

After December 2021, your treadmill will have updatable bluetooth modules which you can update here to get the most out of your Zwift connectivity. 

The NoblePro E8i Bluetooth function is always on, and there are no buttons to turn it off.

Please see the section below if you have an older version of the NoblePro E8.0 treadmill with an MDDS button.

  1. Turn your treadmill on, and launch Zwift
  2. On the Zwift pairing screen, find your treadmill, select, and connect to it.
    Heart rate monitor users, this is where you can connect.
  3. You’re ready to run!

Here is a video showing the entire process:

How to turn the NoblePro E8.0 treadmill Bluetooth on

  • On your treadmill turn on the Bluetooth using the MDDS / Bluetooth button.
  • The connection light will start flashing indicating it is looking to connect to the NoblePro app.

Heart rate data in Zwift

Unfortunately, Zwift does not capture the heart rate (HR) data sent via FTMS from the treadmill to Zwift. To get your HR data in Zwift you can:
Option 1: Connect your heart rate monitor (HRM) directly to Zwift.
Option 2: Connect your HRM monitor to the NoblePro treadmill and connect the virtual HRM “NoblePro Connect” in Zwift.

The second options will allow your HR data to be displayed both on your treadmill and Zwift at the same time.

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