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Treadmill benefits extend way beyond what the weather is doing

Busy, busy, busy…

The vast majority of us have busy lives, busy jobs, commuting, other commitments and not forgetting a precious family! Most of us are time poor and all too often it’s the personal time that gets eaten up. It makes it a real challenge to be able to focus on what goals we may want to achieve in life, or simply to focus on our own wellbeing.

This was my challenge, I want to dedicate time to training for the goals I’m building towards but like many, balancing all of my responsibilities at home with a young family and work, makes time for training hard! At the end of the working day, I want to spend time with the children and help with homework, but following this, trying to build the motivation for an 8pm hill session, just wasn’t happening.

When I first received my NoblePro treadmill my initial thought process was that it would mainly be used for when the weather hit the extremes. I love running in the rain, so no issue there, but icy paths are a recipe for injury. Plus, having the convenience of a fan on the hotter days is always welcome. However, I quickly realised, that a treadmill has so much more potential and it’s become a really essential tool for my training.


Let’s get into the specifics..  I work 1-2 days in the office, so getting the easy miles are easily achieved with the run commute, but on the days I work from home I prefer to run during the day as this has less of an impact on quality family time.

Quite often I can get out on the local roads or trails for a 45 minute session. But, on the days where things just don’t go to plan, I know that with the NoblePro I do have the flexibility to hit the session or get in some mindful miles without venturing far from home.

On the days when time just runs away from me (excuse the pun!), the treadmill also gives me the option of getting my run in early (or late) when the kids are in bed without me having to leave the house.


The recent development and release of the Kinni app has just enhanced the ability to train and the convenience even more!  

I find now that over a weekend I can set up all my planned sessions for that week as workouts. This means that when time is tight, all I need to do is hop on the NoblePro, navigate to the workout and let the app adjust the session as I go. All I need to do is run!  

No more “dreadmills”

Thinking of the NoblePro as a key part of my training and mental wellbeing toolkit has been a real game changer for me. The NoblePro treadmill dispells the “dreadmill” myth and thus realising that using a treadmill is not a replacement for outdoor running but is there to give options to help you train when and how you want to.


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