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Jumping onto the Kinni app

Our ambassador Adam has helped you to undersand why Kinni is so useful and why you need it to! 

Download Kinni: Running & Workouts in the App store and Play Store!


A customisable running app designed for any runner. Perfect for tracking, planning and creating workouts for both indoor and outdoor running.
Guided workouts using custom voice prompts to enable a virtual coaching experience.

Workout builder

The workout builder offers flexible features to create individual workouts based on your target goals. Define your speed, incline, elevation gain, time and distance goals. Add motivational voice prompts for every split to define your own guided workout.

Workout library

library of over 100+ workouts for all abilities, goals and workout types offers quick access to professional workouts. If you want to make changes to a library workout, you can customise it to your liking.

Guided workouts

Keep focused without looking at the screen. The voice prompts offer cues at every split to motivate and provide information like a virtual coach. With the ability to customise the voice prompts, you can decide what guidance works for you.

Indoor tracking

The ability to connect to Bluetooth treadmills, foot pods and heart rate monitors enables tracking and controls to aid your workout.

Treadmill features

Connect to a wide range of treadmills with automatic speed and incline controls. This is particularly useful when running a structured workout. As a bonus, you can check your treadmill’s incline using the Kinni built-in inclinometer.

Zwift compatibility

The FitCast feature enables non-compatible treadmills to be used with Zwift. It also enables the control of speed and incline while using Zwift. This feature can also be used with other apps like BitGym, Rouvy and Peloton.

Outdoor tracking

Use guided workouts with voice prompts, foot pods and heart rate monitors outdoors to motivate and record your workouts.

Bluetooth devices

Connect to a wide range of Bluetooth devices including treadmills, foot pods and heart rate monitors to control equipment and record your data. Find your device compatibility here.

Data syncing + export

Keep your data safe and synced with uploads to StravaTrainingPeaksFIT file exports and Kinni Cloud syncing.


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