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5 Benefits Of A NoblePro Treadmill

For a long time, I had very little experience of running on treadmills and therefore wasn’t aware of their advantages. It wasn’t until I stepped foot on a NoblePro, that I was converted, and began to see the benefits of a treadmill. Whether the weather is bad or I just fancy a change, treadmill running has a lot of positives.

So, when do I use the treadmill?

– Bad weather

Bad weather is probably the most obvious reason to jump on the treadmill but it makes a lot of sense. It isn’t a case of being a ‘soft runner’, but instead a sensible runner! If it is blowing a gale outside, jumping on the treadmill for an easy run can be incredibly effective. Easy runs are predominantly for recovery, and battling the wind will only mean you have to work a lot harder than you would want to for a recovery run. Using the treadmill means you will actually actively recover and won’t be unnecessarily tired for your next session or run.

Similarly, if it is cold and pouring with rain, you don’t want to force your body to work extra hard. If you get too cold you may become unwell which would mean time away from training, but if you run on the treadmill, there is a lot less risk of that.

​It can also be great for early or late runs when it is still dark outside. This is more the case in the winter, but in the summer there can still be poor visibility in the morning or on cloudy evenings. For the sake of your safety, why not just get on the treadmill?

Nursing a niggle

The treadmill can be a great bit of machinery to use when you are nursing a niggle or you feel one coming on. The treadmill allows you to minimise any risk factors such as uneven ground or cambers in the road, so you don’t have to worry about extra stress that may expedite your niggle. A couple of months ago, I had a few weeks off from running due to a niggle and on my rebuild, I did most of my runs on my NoblePro treadmill. Using the treadmill meant I could avoid making sudden movements, such as stopping for cars or animals, and uneven ground which might have pulled on certain muscles more and aggravated the niggle.

Control the pace

If you are wanting to strictly control your pace, the treadmill is a great tool. This can be beneficial on easy runs or even tempo sessions when you want to lock into a consistent pace. I personally love the treadmill for recovery runs as it can make sure I don’t run too fast. I can dial into a specific pace and not worry about whether I have sped up without realising. You can switch off and know you are going at the exact pace you want to go.

Kids and animals

At my current stage of life, the latter is much more relevant to me, but the former is a consideration for many runners. I have an epileptic dog and therefore at certain times, he cannot be left unattended in case he hurts himself. This is when my NoblePro treadmill is a life saver. It means I can put the dog exactly where I can see him (at a safe distance away from the treadmill) and if I need to tend to him, I am just a jump away. Additionally, if you need to keep an eye on the kids but are trying to fit training in, the treadmill is the perfect piece of equipment. Whether they are playing or napping, you can run in peace knowing they are safe.

Because you want to!

Finally, whoever said you need a reason to use the treadmill? Running is running wherever you do it, and if you fancy using the treadmill, use it! Some days I wake up, and I really fancy just putting on some music and switching off with a treadmill run. I don’t need a specific reason to do this, except because I want to, and neither do you.

So, if you are wondering what the benefits of a NoblePro treadmill are and whether you should get one, my answers are “many” and “yes”, and I hope the above reasons show why.


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