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This page contains the instructions to replace the rear roller [81] for the NoblePro Elite Series treadmills (NPE78848E8is, NPE78844E8i, NPE78847E8s, NPE78843E8.0).

What will I need?

To undertake the replacement you will need:

  • Replacement rear roller.
  • 6mm allen key

Remember: Part will be reused. Keep all the parts removed, besides the rear roller being replaced.

!Safety first!

Turn off the treadmill by the wall and unplug the cable from the treadmill power socket and wait 20 mins for the capacitors to discharge.

Removing the rear roller

1. Using a 6 mm allen key remove the rear roller bolts [82]

2. Remove the rear roller

Install the new rear roller

14. Place the new rear roller [81] in position

15. Using a 6 mm allen key reinstall the rear roller bolts [82]

Note: at this stage only lightly tension belt. Final tensioning and alignment will take place at the end.- 

Finishing it off

21. Follow the belt tensioning and alignment guide: HERE

22. Follow the belt lubrication guided video: HERE


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