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As of late 2023, Google announced that all app developers will be required to release updates for newer versions of the Android OS. This means that older yet stable versions of Android OS (API 22) installed on the E8i (NPE78848) will force app developers to stop supporting new releases, updates and features over time.

Which models are affected?

E8i (NPE78848)
Please note: E8i (NPE78853) remains unaffected.

When will apps stop working?

The timing of 3rd party app deprecation will depend on the app owners e.g Netflix. We have found that some app owners are great at communicating when support will be dropped for specific versions where as, other app owners don’t provide any communication prior to these changes.

The official Netflix communication states that the Netflix app supports Android OS 5 and newer.

The Netflix app is available in the Google Play Store only for devices with Android OS version 5 or later.

This is incorrect and has been confirmed by Netflix support. As far as we are aware, Netflix no longer supports Android OS API 22 as of April 2024.

We want to emphasise that NoblePro did not receive prior notice of Netflix discontinuing support for Android OS API 22, including the use of Netflix through Google Chrome (version < 106).

Training Peaks has published an official article stipulating their current app version requires Android 10 or later.

Training Peaks website article

BBC has detailed that the BBC iPlayer app will require Android 7 or later going forward.

BBC iPlayer supported Android

BBC make the following statement:

It might be possible to access the BBC iPlayer website on Apple and Android devices running earlier versions of the operating systems but we can’t guarantee a problem-free experience as they are not supported.

Google Chrome is still supported by Google and will remain active under version 95.

What next?

At present, our team is actively investigating the possibility of updating NPE8848 models to the latest software version, Android 7.1. 

We understand the inconvenience this issue poses and we assure you that we are working diligently to find a solution. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this process.

If you have purchased your NoblePro E8i after 30 April 2023 you are able to register your interests for rectification under warranty using the registration button below.

If you purchased your NoblePro E8i before 30 April 2023, we would like to still support you by offering the opportunity to purchase newer screens equipped with Android 7.1 at a significantly reduced price. For further details or to make an enquiry, please reach out to us by creating a support ticket here.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please rest assured that we are committed to resolving this matter as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

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