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This is a log of all the released changes to the Elite E8i treadmill system software. To find the version number on the treadmill click here.


[NEW] Allows speed upgrade/override for 22kph (guide here)
[NEW] Used new default speed calibration values when increasing max speed
[NEW] Added fan animation in the status bar
[FIX] Long press bug for speed+ button hold before the countdown has completed


[NEW] Motor torque setting interface
[FIX] Crash fixes


[FIX] Sport Center units incorrect


[NEW] Added Spotify
[NEW] Layout updated
[NEW] Allow the application to run in the background
[FIX] Speed units not consistent when starting from NoblePro mobile app
[FIX] Spelling mistakes
[FIX] Distance units not consistent when starting from NoblePro mobile app

Release notes: Recalibration of the speed treadmill will be needed post updating. Guide


[NEW] Added force system-wide app update.


[FIX] Calibration function


[NEW] Added speed and incline calibration function
[NEW] Added increase max speed function (test team only)
[NEW] Added AnyDesk function
[NEW] Updated maintenance interval to 300km


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