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Custom Workouts are Workouts that you create!

The NoblePro Go app has a fully featured Workout Creator built in, which allows you to easily customise your training sessions.

Custom Workouts consist of many Splits. Depending on the type of Workout you would like to create (more about Workout types here), each Split can have instructions for speed, incline, and duration.


Custom Workouts, and the Workout Creator will take into account your selected unit of measure – whether that is metric or imperial.


This means you can design your Custom Workout with calculated 400 metre Splits, but still run the Workout using miles per hour.


You can set the speed to very-high specificity increments of 0.1 kph/mph (based on the selected unit).


You can set the incline to increments as small as 0.5%.

What’s more is that the Workout Creator is incline override aware! This means that once you have calibrated your treadmill’s incline, you can design your Workouts in the knowledge that the incline you set for your Splits will be the real incline of your treadmill.


Flexible Workout Splits have the additional option to set a duration for each split.

You can set the duration for each Split to an accuracy of 1 second.



Let’s go have a look at how to create a Custom Workout.

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