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The NoblePro Go app allows you to create Custom Workouts. These workouts allow your treadmill workouts to adjust automatically.

Custom Workouts come with two options: Fixed, or Flexible. So let’s have a closer look at them to understand the difference.

Fixed Workouts

Splits in a Fixed Workout only need the speed and incline.

The Splits in Fixed Workouts each have the same duration. This depends on the overall duration you choose for the Workout. The app then calculates the Split duration for you automatically.

The app divides the selected Workout duration by the number of Splits to find the Split duration.

Here is an easy example: if the Workout duration was 60 minutes, and there are 10 Splits, it means that each Split would be 6 minutes long (60 ÷ 10).

To summarise:

Splits in a Fixed Workout have a fixed length based on the Workout’s duration.

Pro tip

You can alter the duration of the Workout while you’re in the Workout Creator to see each Split duration.

To do so, tap on the total duration on the right hand side, just above the list of Splits.

This means that you can run the same Workout with a different total Session time. Your pace would remain the same, but the Split times (and, therefore the distance) would vary.

This is a great way to see progression in your Workouts!

Flexible Workouts

The Splits in a Flexible Workout differ from a Fixed Workout in that they require speed, incline and duration.

That means each individual Split needs a duration, and the total time of the Workout is calculated by adding up all the Splits.

Think of it like this:

Splits in a Flexible Workout each have a flexible length.

It is (a little) more work do create a Workout like this, but you get a lot more precision with your Workout.

To note:

 You won’t be able to change the total Session time, like you can with Fixed Workouts before starting. The Workout’s duration is determined by the Splits.



Let’s see how to run a Workout on your treadmill.

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