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The NoblePro Go app allows you to connect your Android or iOS device to your treadmill using Bluetooth. This enables the NoblePro Go app to record your sessions, and provide you detailed insights into your exercise.

The NoblePro Go app can also connect to your heart-rate monitor (HRM), and doing this means that the app will be able to give you detailed insights into your heart rate during your training.

To connect to your heart-rate monitor, follow these steps:

Discover & Connect

Open the NoblePro Go app, and browe to the Scan screen on the Run tab.

You can connect to any supported Bluetooth heart-rate monitors from this screen, and the NoblePro Go app will track your heart-rate along with the data from the treadmill.

Tapping the Scan button will discover any nearby supported Bluetooth heart-rate monitors, and will display them in the list alongside your treadmill.

Tap the Connect button on the peripheral you would like to use, and once the app is connected to it, your heart-rate data will be tracked automatically!

It’s that easy.


In the video here, we have used a Wahoo Tickr as an example.

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