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How to reset Elite E8i software


This page explains how to reinstall the latest software on the NoblePro Elite E8i. This might be needed if the system encountered a problem when installing software and needs to be reset. The most common cause of errors when updating is a weak or unstable internet connection. This process will not undo any updates via Google Play Store as it will only update out of date software to the latest tested version supported by NoblePro.

Note: This feature is only available on system software version v1.3.7 onwards. See this guide on how to find your version.


A system-wide system update can take a while with an expected completion time of ~60 mins depending on your internet connection.

1. Make sure the treadmill is connected to a stable and strong WiFi (2.4GHz) with a good internet connection.

2. Open Setting>Factory Mode.

3. Click on the Reinstall Latest Software button.

4. An update message will appear. Click the Yes button.

5. The treadmill will now undertake a full system update and reboot once complete. This might take some time so make sure not to turn the treadmill off or plan a workout for at least an hour once started.

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