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How do I connect my NoblePro treadmill to the NoblePro App?


This page contains the instructions how to connect your NoblePro treadmill to the NoblePro mobile app.

Note: Not all models of NoblePro treadmills have the capability to connect via bluetooth. Please refer to the user’s manual of details.

Before starting, make sure:

  • Your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on
  • Airplane mode/flight mode is not turned on
  • Your mobile device is connected to the Internet
  • You have downloaded NoblePro app from the App Store or from Google Play and installed it on your mobile device

How to turn the NoblePro E8.0 treadmill Bluetooth on

  1. On your treadmill turn on the Bluetooth using the MDDS / Bluetooth button.
  2. The connection light will start flashing indicating it is looking to connect to the NoblePro app.

How to turn the NoblePro E8i treadmill Bluetooth on

All NoblePro E8i treadmill as of 2020 have Bluetooth hardware that can connect to the mobile NoblePro app and other FTMS campatible apps. The NoblePro E8i Bluetooth function is aways on and there are no bottons to turn it off.

How to connect your NoblePro treadmill to the NoblePro app

  1. Open the NoblePro app on your device and press on the “Scan” button.
  2. Once your NoblePro treadmill has been detected it will appear, then push on the button to connect.

Your NoblePro treadmill is now connected to your NoblePro app. Next have a look at the overview of the NoblePro app video below.


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