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How to update your FTMS Firmware


We know how difficult it can be to keep up with the latest software and hardware developments which is why as of hardware NoblePro FTMS Bluetooth Module v2+ you are able to update your FTMS chip via Bluetooth. This means any firmware updates or new features from FTMS does not require any new hardware, just a quick update via out NoblePro Firmware app. 

IMPORTANT: For NoblePro FTMS Bluetooth Module (green) v2 use the no_key file.

To check which version of the FTMS is included before ordering please check the connectivity of the product specifications. If you are looking to upgrade to a later version of the NoblePro FTMS Bluetooth Module have a look at the accessories section.


no file key error
Use the no-key file to update the firmware

Unknown Device 
This is an iOS issue. Reboot your device. This appears when you scan for the treadmill after updating the firmware. 

Can’t find the treadmill 
The treadmill is likely connected to another app. Disconnect all apps from the device before updating.

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