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In order to provide a detailed comparison of the Go and Sidekick app we have created this article and supporting articles.

The basis for the different apps are as follows:
  1. The Go is a mobile device app, available for everyone to download on the App Store and Play Store
  2. The Sidekick, not available for download, and is only on the NoblePro E8i Treadmill touchscreen.

Below you can see a comparison table for features between the two apps.

Speed and incline preset buttons-
User accounts -
Workouts -
Foot pod connectivity-
FIT file sharing -
Incline override-
Visualisation interactivity-
HR monitor connectivity
Session overview
Session details
Unit change
Connect to Strava
Upload to Strava
Connect to TrainingPeaks
Upload to TrainingPeaks
Start/stop treadmill
Speed & incline adjustments
Live data widgets
Unit change

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